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A quality emergency garage door repair service is essential for every business that uses commercial roll-up doors. If your doors are not opening and closing correctly, operations could grind to a halt at your facility. Whether you manage a warehouse, a factory, an auto repair center, or another type of business that requires garage door access, extended idle time will affect your bottom line.

If your door doesn’t open, you cannot wait for a scheduled appointment with a commercial door repair service. You need someone who can spring into action and get the job done right away so that you can get back to work. Furthermore, commercial garage doors experience heavy usage. While emergency service is essential, you also need an ongoing maintenance program to ensure efficiency and reliability. If you have a trusted technician performing preventative maintenance, you can lower the odds of a breakdown and enjoy more efficient door operation.

Here is a closer look at the situations that would necessitate emergency door repair, how you can respond to these problems, and what you should expect from a commercial garage door repair service.

Emergency Door Repair: What Makes It An “Emergency”?

By definition, emergencies are unforeseen events that you cannot plan for, and, in regards to commercial garage doors, they can pose significant issues for your business in order to operate. 

In many cases, roll-up garage doors provide access to your warehouse or factory. If the door is stuck open, you cannot keep your inventory secure, and your employees will not get the benefits of climate control systems. Things could get even worse if your door does not open correctly. That will make it impossible to bring in materials, vehicles, or inventory and difficult to ship out finished products or packages. 

Furthermore, a broken garage door could pose a threat to workers who are going through that entrance. Commercial doors are often heavier than their residential counterparts, so it can be unsafe to work around a door that isn’t functioning properly. Not only will employees not be able to use the door as an entrance, but they may also not be able to work in the vicinity of the door until repairs get made. 

In other words, your operation could slow considerably or even grind to a complete halt until the door gets fixed. In these scenarios, waiting for a technician to come during regular business hours isn’t practical. You are likely losing revenue for every minute that your operation is slowed or stopped because of your broken door. That is certainly an emergency situation that requires a quick solution.

Why Do You Need 24 Hour Commercial Door Repair Service?

Not all companies with roll-up garage doors operate in the same way. Businesses in a variety of industries use this type of equipment in their facilities. Regardless of the details of your operations, there are three common problems that could arise from an improperly functioning garage door.

Here is a closer look at what could go wrong as the result of a garage door emergency and how you can best prepare for the issue so that it does not harm your business.


Regardless of your industry, a broken or stuck garage door can cause a loss of productivity. In a warehouse or factory, a steady flow of materials, packages, and products is essential for profitability. If you are not operating at peak capacity, you are not getting the most out of the facility. Also, employees get paid for the time that they are on the clock, whether they are productive or not. Workers may be idle when the garage door is stuck or broken, meaning that the company is paying wages without any productivity in return. 

The broken door could also have a trickle-down effect. For example, drivers transporting materials and products will be idle as they wait for access to the warehouse or for the products to start flowing again so they can fill up their trailers. Or, an auto repair business could develop a significant backlog if they cannot move vehicles that they need to repair into and out of their garage. Their customers will have to wait longer until their vehicles are serviced. Even though a broken garage door can damage your productivity, many businesses simply do not think about the issue until it actually happens. They have complex algorithms to streamline supply chain and warehouse operations, and they have experts whose full-time jobs are to ensure proper inventory levels at all times. However, without safe and secure access to the facility through a properly functioning garage door, these other parts of the operation do not matter.

How can you limit the damage to your business when a garage door malfunctions? First of all, you need a garage door repair service that understands the urgency of commercial repairs. A good repair service will realize that you cannot wait for regular business hours or a scheduled appointment several days in the future. When a door is broken, you need it fixed as soon as possible. You also need someone who you can call to respond immediately and fix the issue quickly so that it does not affect your productivity. It pays to have an existing relationship with the service provider so that they understand your door and the tools and parts that may be necessary for the repair. Having this type of contact in place before you need emergency repairs can increase response time and limit productivity issues caused by the garage door.

Security And Safety

A door that is unsecured or stuck in the open position can be a security risk. If a door is stuck open, you will be able to continue to use it as an entrance and exit. However, the inventory, equipment, vehicles, or any other valuable items stored inside will not be secure until the door gets fully repaired. This lack of security can be a major issue for every business. For example, an auto repair garage is responsible for keeping its customers’ vehicles safe while they work on them. An unsecured door makes this impossible and increases the liability. Meanwhile, a shipping and delivery company owes the same level of security to people who rely on them for the shipping and delivery of packages. With a broken door, thieves could easily gain access to the sorting and loading portions of a facility and intercept these boxes before they reach their destination.

Some security-related issues, such as a faulty keypad, could cause security issues even if the door continues to function properly. Though this seems like a small issue, it can still be an emergency because you will not be able to truly secure the door until the keypad gets fixed. Furthermore, if a garage door is unstable or not working correctly, it can pose a physical danger to employees at your facility. Employers have a duty to provide a safe workplace for their employees. Issues with springs, tracks, or other structural components could prove dangerous. If the door is damaged, especially from a vehicle collision, you need to ensure it is structurally sound even if it continues to open and close properly. You cannot risk a collapse, which could cause a serious injury to workers or damage goods and equipment.

Emergency repairs are essential if a door is damaged or working incorrectly. You want to work with a trusted service technician to ensure everything is working correctly so you do not have to worry about the safety of your employees or the security of your facility. Actually, you can start ensuring safety and security before you get confronted with an emergency. You can consider finding a repair service that also offers a planned maintenance program. With this type of arrangement, you can have regular inspections that will catch minor issues before they cause safety or security emergencies. Furthermore, a maintenance program involves making improvements to ensure that the door operates correctly and efficiently. Regular service appointments can also help you save money in the long run because you can catch small repairs before they become major issues that will be more expensive to fix. 

Property Damage

Commercial garage doors are necessary for protecting goods and equipment from the elements. For example, if you are shipping or receiving perishable items, such as fruits and vegetables, you need a climate-controlled facility that is neither too hot nor too cold. A broken garage door during summer or winter could lead to a significant loss of profits due to frozen or spoiled inventory.

Some products can get damaged by excessive humidity. For example, paper needs to be stored in air that is about 35% humidity, while many other products, such as electronics, should not be stored above 50% humidity. Dehumidifiers and air conditioners can ensure the right air quality, but only in a sealed environment. A broken door would make it difficult, if not impossible, to control the climate inside of a warehouse. If the issue does not get fixed quickly, you risk losing your inventory to moisture or having mold form on products and equipment. 

Emergency Garage Door Repair Near Me

If you rely on a roll-up garage door as a part of your business facility, you need a reliable installation and repair service in your area. Precise Garage Door Walnut Creek has a team of expert technicians that know the ins-and-outs of commercial doors and docks, and we offer a full range of repair services, including emergency visits and scheduled maintenance.

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