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Garage Door Tracks

A garage door goes a long way to affect the feel and look of your home as well as its primary function of ensuring your security and safety. For this reason, replacing or installing a new garage door is a huge decision. Only providers can help you not only to make the right decision, but to provide step by step guide on what action to take. We have teamed up with expert garage door repair providers to offer an easy and convenient garage door service.

We understand that sometimes things can happen out of the blue and this is why we have extended business hours, 6 AM to 11 PM. To ensure we provide service when you need it we always keep the conditions around the clock for 24-hour service for any emergency that may occur by your local best providers.

Our garage door providers are the core for happy and satisfied customers. Our providers go through extended training and background checks to ensure the best available service in the industry. When you call precise garage door repair you can expect the best service you ever had.

Garage Door Track In Walnut Creek

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    Replacing broken garage door spring requires the attention of a professional. In order to replace the springs, our professionals at Precise Garage Door Repair carry out safety measures to ensure that no finger is being caught up during the process of replacement
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    When it comes to garage door opener we do everything and we make sure our clients get the best and the right solution for their needs. Starting rom cable repair to broken rollers and more we provide professional services and fast solutions
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    At the point when needing garage door repair for safe and dependable garage door operation, dependably remember, the certified, the first with quality, well-trained staff that will furnish you with real services that won't take care of the issue incidentally but permanently in the first visit.
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    Indeed, even with the most dependable products issues can emerge and when they do it’s critical to know who to contact to fix these issues providing solutions prevent future complications.

Benefits of Utilizing Precise Garage Door’s Workforce:

Whenever you see rust on your garage door track is a sing to get it checked by a professional. Sings of rust on your track also means the rust has spread to other parts on your garage door system such as rollers, hinges, cables and bottom brackets. Call a professional and get them all replaced as soon as you have the ability to avoid major future damage on your entire system.

Garage Door is Uneven

Your garage door may be uneven and one of your tracks is bent. When your need a garage door cable repair, your tracks also has been bent since the door comes down crooked. This puts a lot of pressure on one of your tracks.

Cable off drum

Second most visible sign your cable needs repairing is when you see the actual cable wrapped around the torsion spring shaft. This happen when cable comes off the drum circled in yellow in the picture. The opposite side where the cable came off with be the one where the track has damage.

Why you need to call a garage door repair expert

Garage door track repair can be repair that can be DIY with the ideal tools and skills, but we always encourage you to keep simple and safe by calling the garage door experts. I am sure you have heard not to play with garage door springs since they hold heavy load and are extremely dangerous.

Also, the cost to get a track repaired from an expert will save you headaches, will be safer, and will rest assure your garage door has been repaired professionally.

Garage Door Track Repair Warranty Included

You get a 2 warranty on all tracks replacements. If for whatever reason the tracks break or bend within those two years, we will take care of it at no cost to you. Given that our tracks or our work was the problem of the fail. Usually if the track bends again, consider an adjustment service on the whole system to avoid future issues.

Save you Headaches

When you call us for your garage door track repair, we will come and solve the issues at the time of visit. We have all materials needed to solve the major types of garage door repairs for residential doors. Residential garage door track repairs is one that, we can do on the spot to save you time and visit.


Peace of mind is our goal. You can go to sleep at night knowing the garage door issues has been solved by a professional. When you call us for your garage door track repair, the problem is off your hands and becomes ours now.


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